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AQ Trafotek’s solutions are in everyday use in many different industries such as manufacturing engineering, mining, chemistry and water treatment as well as commercial infrastructure, construction and transport.

Reactors, filters and transformers are widely used in inverter and drive technology, regenerative energy systems, energy storage and charging systems, reactive power compensation and many other applications, where power generation, conversion or distribution takes place.


Variable speed drives (VFD’s) together with electric motors have emerged throughout industry as the popular approach to improve process control and performance and minimize energy consumption. Energy efficient VFDs are widely used in various applications like cranes & hoists, elevators, conveyor belts, winches, pumps, control & automation.

AQ Trafotek has a long track record on the development of reactors and filters for drive engineering. We offer power quality solutions for both input (line-side) and output (load-side) of VFD’s to increase the reliability of the industrial power conversion system. 


Moving people and things is the planet’s fastest-growing energy-based source of greenhouse gases. Replacing petroleum-burning engines with electric-powered drivetrains continues to be a growing trend in commercial and industrial vehicle applications.

AQ Trafotek designs and supplies inductive components for:
Track side power systems
» Fully-electric or hybrid-electric heavy duty machinery (like mining trucks, off-road vehicles, container handling)
» Electric and hybrid marine propulsion and charging technologies
» Commercial EV charging stations